Helping to Slow the Flow

Certain erosion control projects that take some heavy lifting but require no machinery are a perfect fit for our Youth Conservation Corps team! This team of six young people can provide the human energy to plant a buffer of shrubs, spread erosion control mulch over bare soil areas, dig catchment basins, build water diversion bars, armor the shoreline with riprap and build infiltration steps.

After your LakeSmart Start! site visit you can choose to have the LakeSmart Start! coordinator create a project plan and fill out a Permit by Rule required by the Maine DEP. The project plan development, permit assistance and YCC labor is offered on a cost share basis. We will provide you with a quote for your project prior to service, and ask that you cover as much of the cost as you are able. We generally have some grant funds that can help defray the costs for those in need of assistance. 

Contact the FOCW Office at 207-621-4199 or email for questions on our Youth Conservation Corps program. 



Thank you to the sponsors of our LakeSmart Start! program: