Additional Information and Resources on Invasive Aquatic Plants

The following are some resources that we at the Friends think are useful and informative.  If you find yourself wanting to know more about milfoil or about the conservation of our lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds go ahead and check out these other sites.


Quick key thumb.JPG

Milfoil Identification Quick key

This quick key can be found on the Lake Stewards of Maine's website (formerly called the Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program).  This key is a great resource when trying to determine whether an aquatic plant is a harmles native plant or an invasive plant.  To get the key in PDF form click the button below.

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Invasive Plant Handout

This is  the plant guide CBIs use to ID plants and it is a great resource.  It not only has information about variable milfoil, but also the other 11 invasive aquatic plants that could be harmful to our lakes.  This PDF also has full color images of invasives and native plants to help you better identif the plant you are seeing.  For this PDF click the button below.

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Variable Milfoil Factsheet

This factsheet gives you great information about variable milfoil.  Not only does it tell you what is looks like but also when and where it grows.  Though this factsheet was put out by the State of Washington, much of its information is still applicable to us here in Maine.

For the factsheet click the button below.