"Slow the Flow"

What is Runoff Pollution?

When rain falls from the sky, it does one of three things: it evaporates back into the air, it infiltrates into the ground, or it runs downhill (thanks to gravity) and comes to rest at a low point of the topography, forms lakes and ponds. When water flows downhill it takes things with it, even things you cannot see; loose soil, nutrients from fertilizer or pet waste, pollutants from a leaking car, or home heating oil. Anything you do to the land, you also do to our waters, when runoff is allowed to enter them without being naturally filtered by vegetation. 

When nature's natural filtering ststem is impared through erosion, cut trees, cleared lots, or poorly maintained roads to name a few, phosphorus and other nutrients run on the ground surface and enter the water directly. Left unchecked, excess nutrients in our water can cause algae to grow out of control, in the form of smelly, unsightly and potentially hazardous algae blooms. 

How can FOCW help me "Slow the Flow" on my property?

Thanks to the Clean Water Act of 1972, there has been a significant reduction of pollution to water by "point source pollution": direct pollution from factories, industry, energy production, etc. As these sources of pollution have been regulated by the federal government, there has been a huge improvement to water quality. The majority of pollution to water now occurs by numerous sources that collectively cause damage, but are not directly able to be isolated. This "non-point source pollution" is caused by all residents and visitors to our watershed. 

Here is how to do your part!

Get a FOCW LakeSmart Start! visit. We'll walk your property with you, discuss your concerns, and provide you with information including a plan of suggested actions to take. 

Have your project completed by the FOCW Youth Conservation Corps. Let us do the literal heavy lifting on your shoreline project!

Think you are already doing all you can to protect the lake? Contact us for a LakeSmart Evaluation and a potential award!

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