About our DASH Team

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Diver Assited Suction Harvester

The DASH is a key tool in the fight against invasive milfoil.  A diver goes to the bottom with a large vacuum like nozzle and hose and remove the entire milfoil plant.  The vacuum mechanism then sucks the plants to the surface where they are dumped into large nets and eventually emptied into barrels (see image below).

This method is really effective because the team is able to move large amounts of milfoil without making a lot of fragments, which can float away and take root in a new area.

Barrels full of harvested milfoil 2015.jpg
 A days harvesting of variable milfoil.

A days harvesting of variable milfoil.

Uploaded by Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed on 2018-08-09.
Meet the 2017 Crew of the Friends Diver Assisted Suction Harvester as they explain how the process works.