Mil-foiler Program

Our “Mil-Foiler” program is designed to prevent the spread or introduction of Invasive Aquatic Plants (IAP) like milfoil and hydrilla into the Cobbossee Watershed. Although Maine has largely been spared the devastating effects seen in other states, the “Eleven Most Unwanted” IAP’s are now in 32 Maine water bodies, including variable-leaf milfoil in our own Pleasant Pond, Purgatory and Cobbossee Streams. Two of the most aggressive IAP’s – Eurasian Water-milfoil (discovered in a Scarborough gravel quarry – Fall, 2006) and Hydrilla (discovered in Pickerel Pond, Limerick – Fall, 2002) are now in Maine waters. The short window of opportunity has closed fast and we must react swiftly and aggressively.

In 2003, we began our Mil-Foiler program by mailing 5 Postcards over an 8-week period to 15,000 Cobbossee Watershed residents. The post cards, produced and subsidized by J.S. McCarthy, accomplished our objective – awareness was raised dramatically by the shocking photographs of IAP’s in other states where they have taken over.

Today the Mil-Foiler program consists of a coordinated, 3-tiered approach for the entire 217-square mille Cobbossee Watershed: designed to keep existing infestations from entering non-infested waters while limiting futher impact where they already exist.

FMI regarding the Friends Mil-Foiler program, please contact Education & Programs Director,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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