On weekends & holidays throughout the summer, trained inspectors check boats, trailers and related equipment going into and out of the lake for any plants- and collecting those that are "suspected" of being an invasive.  Although the Cobbossee Watershed contains just 10 of the 156 staffed public boat launches in the state, our inspectors are routinely responsible for over 10% of the tates total yearly inspections; with 9,738 inspections done in the Cobbossee Watershed in 2017.  This shows the high density of activity in our area and the need for educating and assisting our residents and visitors to check their boat for plants when entering and leaving the water.


What Launches do we cover?

We cover all ten Cobbossee Watershed public boat launches which are represented in the image above by red pins.

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What are our hours?

Our Courtesy Boat Inspectors will be on duty at least 10 hours a day at all of the launches every weekend and holiday from Memorial Weekend to Labor Day Weekend.

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How do we inspect a boat?

Inspecting a boat doesn't have to be hard if you know where to look and what you are looking for,  In this short video John McPhedran of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection demonstrates how to do a thorough boat inspection in less than 4 minutes.  Click here to view the video on the Maine DEP website.

There is also a Courtesy Boat Inspector Handbook on the Maine DEP site that is full of information that you may find useful.

Who pays for the CBI Program?

Funding for the CBI program comes from a variety of sources, namely; Towns, Lake Associations, the Maine Department of Envrionmental Protection as well as other sponsors.  The above chart shows our funding in more detail.


More information about CBI and resources can be found at:


Questions?  Contact us at cbi@watershedfriends.com