Letter from the President, May 2013

Margaret Peacock, President


Dear Friend,

All through my life, I’ve been fortunate to have ties with the Cobbossee Watershed.  At a young age, I swam in the waters at Tacoma Lakes, later water-skied on Cobbossee Stream, and at nineteen, I was introduced to an enchanted island on Cobbossee Lake.  As it turned out, my husband and I have lived thirty years on the lake and raised three children who enjoyed the lake as only children can.

But owning shore property or being a child is not a prerequisite for appreciation.  The waters of the Cobbossee Watershed provide endless opportunities of enjoyment for everyone.  Whether it’s fishing, swimming, skating, or observing wildlife, they are a veritable playground for children and adults alike.  They provide a playground for animals, too. Relatives of “Spotter the Otter” have been seen sliding into the water from the ice edges!

As you explore the website, you will see the impact of the Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed programs. Without the efforts of the Friends, the watershed could now be significantly compromised.  Protecting and improving the quality of our precious waters, by doing battle with invasives, and educating our young to become stewards are our best defense. Events such as the 5K race and contributions from local towns and lake associations, grants from federal and state agencies, business sponsorships, and personal donations from individuals and families make it possible to provide outstanding programming.

The vital work of devoted volunteers, loyal staff, dynamic board, and a history of strong leaders, has made the Friends a permanent force.  Executive Director, John Blouin and Education and Program Director, Tamara Whitmore, continue the tradition of strong leadership for the Friends as they carry out our mission.

To keep moving forward, we call you into action to protect and improve the watershed. Let’s be sure the waters of Cobbossee Watershed will always provide endless opportunities of enjoyment.

Margaret Peacock

 Board President